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The Boys
Photographs of Jake Ellis, Luke Easton, Max Eldon, their family, and friends.

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FirstDay  |  Total images: 9
The first pictures of Jake Ellis Macha.
AtHospital  |  Total images: 16
Pictures of Jake taken while still at the hospital
AtHome  |  Total images: 10
Some pictures of Jake taken shortly after he was brought home
2006-05-04  |  Total images: 7
Some pictures that Melissa took of Jake in May.
MidMay  |  Total images: 10
More pics of Jake. These were teaken in May of 2006.
Macha 1st Visit
Macha 1st Visit  |  Total images: 9
Pictures of Jake at about the time of Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Greg Macha's first visit to see Jake.
WithMom  |  Total images: 9
Mostly (but not all) from a photo shoot with Jake and Melissa.
June2006  |  Total images: 9
You guessed it. Including a picture of Jake at his first baseball game.
July2006  |  Total images: 23
Mostly from the weekend of July 4, 2006.
August 2006
August 2006  |  Total images: 30
Jake had a busy month. Here's a bunch of photos.
The Pool
The Pool  |  Total images: 8
Jake's first trip to the pool.
Autumn 2006
Autumn 2006  |  Total images: 26
Photos from Jake's first fall
Thanksgiving 2006
Thanksgiving 2006  |  Total images: 14
Photos from Jakes first Zlatnik family gathering at Grandma and Grandpa Macha's
Xmas06  |  Total images: 37
Jake's first Christmas.
January-February 2007
January-February 2007  |  Total images: 11
Includes more photos sure to embarras Jake later in life
March 2007
March 2007  |  Total images: 16
We went to fly kites, and tried out some basketball.
Easter 2007
Easter 2007  |  Total images: 15
Jake trekked up to Tulsa to spend Easter with Uncle Greg, Grandma Judy and Grandpa Garry.
Milestone Party
Milestone Party  |  Total images: 37
Jake had a party with his friends at school!
I'm 1!
I'm 1!  |  Total images: 9
Some studio style images to commemorate Jake's first birthday!
April 2007
April 2007  |  Total images: 33
Jake eats cake. And then some more cake.
Mom's Pics
Mom's Pics  |  Total images: 49
A bunch of pictures that Mom has made between April 06 and April 07.
May and June of 2007
May and June of 2007  |  Total images: 91
Big couple of months... Visits with all my Grandparents... Playing in the water... Really getting the hang of walking. Haning out with Mom on Mother's Day... Eating ice cream at school (while being sick)...
July 4!
July 4!  |  Total images: 5
Photos of Jake celebrating Independence Day.
Padre 2007
Padre 2007  |  Total images: 45
From our trip to South Padre and the aquarium in Corpus Christi.
Late Summer Jake
Late Summer Jake  |  Total images: 26
Some photos of Jake with his grandparents, playing in the park, and learning a new trick.
Fall 07
Fall 07  |  Total images: 62
A busy fall included getting hurt (a lot), Jake's first airplane ride, and Halloween!
Luke Comes Home
Luke Comes Home  |  Total images: 11
Luke gets to hang out with his big brother.
Inroducing Luke Easton
Inroducing Luke Easton  |  Total images: 19
Here he is
Meeting Luke
Meeting Luke  |  Total images: 18
Grandma and Grandpa Macha meet Luke for the first time.
Playing Ball
Playing Ball  |  Total images: 29
Jake plays ball as Luke naps. Also, the aftermath of Emergency Room visit #3 for Jake.
2009VDay  |  Total images: 8
Happy Valentine's Day!
2009JaketoTulsa  |  Total images: 59
Jake went to visit his grandparents and had a lot of adventures.
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